What Are Dankwoods Made Of And Are They Hand Rolled?

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2021)

The normal phenomenon for a cannabis smoker is that they always find rolling a blunt a pain in the but. This so because it’s their first time but on the contrary rolling blunts is a way of life.

To begin rolling a blunt you have to;

  • Firstly, you have to grab your wraps. Wraps can be gotten from a weed dispensary near you, a gas station or from the streets.
  • Secondly, Crunch everything with the assumption you have your weed with you. LOL
  • Thirdly, at this point, toss the tobacco from your Peach Optimo or Strawberry Swisher and wrap your blunt to shape.
  • Lastly, lit up your blunt and high hell yeah.
What Are Dankwoods Made Of And Are They Hand Rolled? Legal Online Cannabis Dispensary
Dankwoods complete flavors on a table

For the same reason why pre-rolled joints have become one of the hottest selling products in licensed weed dispensary so has “Dankwoods” embrace the grab away approach. However, it is rather unfortunate that, it is currently illegal to sell pre-rolled blunts everywhere in the US. This is also applicable to states with legalized adult-use sales like California, where a cannabis product formed by mixing tobacco and cannabis together is not allowed by law. 

Before we dive into this topic it is important we enlighten you a little about “What Dankwoods Are”. Dankwoods is an Illegal company whose brand is know for producing dankwoods prerolls. This also

What Are Dankwoods?

To get a good grasp of Dankwoods, you first must understand the rational about them. So the inspiration behind “Dankwoods” comes from Backwoods Smokes.

Backwoods Smoke is a popular line of cigars well known for being wrapped in a leaf of Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. Their wrapper leaves makes an excellent use as blunt. This brand has become so popular such that, discontinued flavors are toping sales in their own secondary market.

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Apart from its durability and flavor (honey and grape), Backwoods wrappers can also hold an impressive amount of cannabis up to 3.5 grams of weed. This is what has made them an ultimate choice for pro-smokers and as a source for blunt wraps prepared individually by the consumer.

To throw more light, the commercialization of this process through illegal mean led to “Dankwoods”. Hence the “Dankwoods” company is created illegally and gets it’s wraps from Backwoods Smoke. From findings, very little is known about them including their operation, team members, their source of cannabis or the CEO of the company.

What Are Dankwoods Made Of And Are They Hand Rolled? Legal Online Cannabis Dispensary
Five dankwoods pre rolls | Source: Legalonlinecannabisdispensary.com

What Is Inside Dankwoods?

Normally, what we know is that “Dankwoods” comes as individually packaged pre-rolled blunts, covered in kief. From every indication “Dankwoods” is not like the other traditional blunt as they are a spice of it. Weed is rolled up in Backwoods wraps to form a blunt and sometimes dipped in THC concentrate and covered in kief to make “Dankwoods” Pre rolls. Further more, high-quality Los Angeles grown cannabis strains like Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel, and Girl Scout Cookies This vendors have website that their consumers can order online. Their labels are brightly colored and looks almost the same to Backwoods brand design enhancing the brand. The vendors actually sell this products for $40 a piece and contains two grams of cannabis per pre-roll.