How to Make Natural Vape Juice at Home Without Nicotine

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2020)

A regular user of vaping knows very well that flavour in vape juice is essential to achieve complete satisfaction out of vaping. But with time, use of limited flavours take a lot of fun out of vaping experience. One gets used to all the flavours available in the market and almost all of them contain nicotine. It’s a known fact that high level of nicotine can harm health of the regular user. Therefore, for the people who are health conscious and want to keep the nicotine intake to its minimum yet want to enjoy their vaping, the idea of making their own e juice at home without nicotine is quite suitable. Herbal vaporizers are also recommended for health conscious people.

DIY Recipe:

Some people might think it to be implausible and unpractical to make your own vape juice at home, but it is the fact that it is comparatively very easy, and you don’t have to own a lab and don’t have to be a pharmacist to achieve this task. There is no downside of trying it at your home. You may fail one time, but with the right guidance you can easily accomplish a customized flavoured e juice without nicotine.

Just give a second thought, you can add a flavour of your choice that is not available in the market. A pleasant experience of new flavour that you crave about, worth a little hard work to deserve the ultimate satisfaction.

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Another benefit of making your own e juice is that it is really cost effective. You can purchase only three ingredients and make a good and long-lasting batch of vape juice. Regular vapers know that it costs a lot to purchase high quality vape juice, but making it at home make it easier on pocket and nicotine free.


Producing your e juice at home just need three ingredients, VG, PG and the flavour of your choice, You must be thinking how astonishingly practical it is and possible for you to make it. Moreover, there is no need of fancy lab equipment and tools to accomplish your venture.

The first ingredient for DIY e juice is PG (Propylene Glycol). It is the most popular base for e juice. This is colourless and odourless liquid that is used in many nicotine-based products and it is approved by FDA.

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The second ingredient is VG (Vegetable Glycerine). This is plant oil extract that is widely used in cosmetics and also in some food and it is federally approved.PG is used in combination with PG with the ratio of 50/50. But most of the vapers prefer the ratio of 70/20. PG provides heavy throat hit while PG is less heavy. The proportion of both depends on the individuals’ preferences. Though VG is colourless and odourless like PG but it leaves a residue behind unlike PG. Thus, a proportional mixture of these ingredients produces a desirable e juice.

The last ingredient to use in DIY vape juice is flavour. Customized flavouring is the whole point of making e juice. When it comes to DIY vape juice the possibilities are endless. You can make your favourite ice cream flavour with mixing up different flavours or cakes or candy flavour.

You can calculate the ratio of PG/VG from vape calculators but 70/20 ratio goes fine with harsh vapers and 50/50 ratio goes well for mild type of vape juice. The things that are needed for making of home made e juice are dropper cap bottles for measurement and storage of your e-juice and labelling. There is no such need of safety gloves, safety goggles and extra safety measures as nicotine is not involved in this preparation.

Just measure the PG and VG liquids and give it a good shake. When it is well mixed in the bottle add your favourite flavour one drop at a time. Add one drop and shake then test. Do not put all the flavouring, you will be amazed how less you need your flavouring. Some flavours have strong out-come, so you do not want to throw your extra flavoured e juice. Once done mix the mixture well and enjoy your DIY vape juice.

It might feel a little bit difficult, but it gets easier with practice and you can enjoy all the flavours you once just dreamed about without putting nicotine in your system. Moreover, you get to save a lot of money by the end of the year. Get ready to experience natural vaping experience.

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