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Legal Online Cannabis Dispensary’s mission is to educate the cannabis community on how cannabis may better their health and for patients with serious illnesses who require the safest and most dependable medicine available. If you have a medical condition for which a medical doctor has recommended medical cannabis, you may join the Legal Online Cannabis Dispensary’s Collective.

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Any medical-cannabis patient can purchase them from participating collective dispensaries. Patients who are not us medical-cannabis patients may order CBD-only products anywhere in the U.S., and may order products containing THC.We take customer service seriously. If you have questions about Legal Online Cannabis Dispensary products, call or email us. We answer the phone immediately, and return emails within one day. We will answer your questions, assist you in obtaining the appropriate products, or help you join our collective.

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If your dispensary does not offer Legal Online Cannabis Dispensary products, please ask them to contact us.

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