5 Different Cannabis Consumption Methods

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2021)

Have you ever wondered about the different cannabis consumption methods and just
how effective they can be? Do you want to know more about each of the different
consumption methods and which is best suited to you?
The demand for cannabis is increasing and with it, the demands in which consumers
choose to consume this drug. The most common consumption method for a long time
now has been smoking joints, but due to health concerns, there is a shift towards
edibles and vaping.
Each of these methods provides different benefits: however, they also come with their
own risks that need to be addressed. Here are 5 different cannabis consumption
methods for you to consider.


These days there are so many different cannabis consumption methods to choose from.
Some people may be more interested in an inhalation method, while others would
prefer to eat their weed.
The first consumption method that we have on our list is vaping. Vaping is something
that has become incredibly popular over the last few years. Initially, it started as a
cigarette replacement for people to get the nicotine they need without actually
smoking. However, these days cannabis has taken over the vaping scene.
With all sorts of vapes to choose from, whether you want to use a concentrate or the
dry herb itself, there is something for everyone to choose from, especially at sites like
Smoke Cartel with their large selection of devices. Vapes are considered to be a
healthier alternative to smoking all while still giving very similar effects.


when it comes to cannabis sprays, you will find that they are typically CBD sprays that
are used to help with medicinal issues. CBD is said to help relieve the symptoms of
anxiety, PTSD, and even insomnia and these sprays are a great way to do that.
cannabis sprays are essentially cannabis concentrates mixed with a liquid, typically
coconut oil, and in a spray bottle. They say that this is an incredibly effective way to
absorb cannabis into the body and benefit from all of the healing effects that it has to
These sprays are also used orally and can be sprayed in the mouth or under the tongue.
Typically, you will start to feel the effects of it within a few minutes as a lot of the

chemical is absorbed through the lining of your mouth and then circulated through your


Next up on our list, we have bongs. Bongs are one of the most popular and oldest
methods of consumption that is still popular today. Bongs are water pipes that allow for
the smoke to go through the water and cool down before hitting the lungs.
Bongs are great for those who are looking for similar effects to that of smoking but in a
shorter consumption time. Typically, you can consume a larger amount of marijuana in
just one hit.


Very similar to the style of consumption you will find when using a bong, this next
consumption method is the dab rig. Dab rigs look very similar to bongs and even
function in a similar manner to water pipes. However, there is one big main difference
and that is that dab rigs use cannabis concentrates instead of marijuana.
When using a cannabis concentrate, typically you can have much higher doses meaning
that you can choose the kind of high you want. If you want a stronger high, you will have
a stronger concentrate. It is all based on personal preference. With this method, there is
no combustion involved which means that you are not inhaling smoke that can be
dangerous to the lungs.


Last but not least we have ingestion. Edibles are another popular consumption method
for cannabis users and there are many reasons for this. For those who don’t want to
smoke, or even for those who want to have a different kind of high, then edibles are for
When consuming edibles, you will notice that the high you get is far more potent and
can last a lot longer than other methods. It also takes much longer for these effects to
kick in and start working.