What to consider when smoking marijuana for the first time

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2021)

Since the spread of legalization, marijuana has become more and more accepted globally despite its
previous negative stigma and perception. In some places, marijuana is even used medically and as
this plant becomes more mainstream, people are curious about consumption methods. There are
many ways to consume marijuana and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. When
consuming, it is important to know the difference between the various consumption methods so if
this is your first time consuming, here are a few things you need to consider to ensure the best
possible experience.

Start slow

The first step is to always start slow. When consuming cannabis for the first time, you don’t want to
overindulge and consume too much because you are still unaware of how you will react to this plant.
As a newbie, you do not know your tolerance so you must start small. There are different strains of
cannabis and each has different levels of THC with some being high and some low. You must ensure
that you do not become too auspicious and start with a strain high in THC. If you make the mistake
of consuming too much or consuming a strain that is too strong on your first try, you put yourself at
risk of having an unpleasant experience filled with anxiety, paranoia, impaired cognitive function,
lethargy, sleepiness, and laziness. By starting slowly, you can appreciate the effects of cannabis and
enjoy your first experience. As time goes on, you can increase the dose.


Choose a consumption method

Another consideration is how you will consume cannabis. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to
consumption methods, as you can see at Grasscity with the many products available, an example for
the rest of the industry, so all you need to concern yourself with is what method suits you. All
consumption methods are unique and process the marijuana differently, for example, edibles get
processed in your digestive system and liver which can take upward of 2 hours before you feel any
effects while tinctures get processed through the nerves underneath your tongue and will deliver
effects within 15 minutes. Each consumption method also interacts with your body in different ways,
for example, topicals are applied onto the surface of your skin and provide no psychoactive effects
but significant benefits such as pain relief as well as being anti-inflammatory. Different methods also
have different onset and duration times including the following:

● Smoking: Onset of a few minutes with a duration of 1-2 hours.
● Edibles: Onset of 60 minutes-2 hours with a duration of 12 hours.
● Tinctures: Onset of 15 minutes with a duration of 1-2 hours.
● Vaporizer: Onset is almost instant with a duration of 1-3 hours.

Know the different strains

There are many strains of marijuana. Some of them are more THC dominant while others are more
CBD dominant. THC is the active ingredient responsible for the psychoactive effects while CBD
produces health benefits with no psychoactive effects. Your budget will also dictate the type of
strain you consume because you will find that some strains are more expensive than others and the
reason for this price difference is the THC: CBD ratio. As a beginner the following strains are
● Harlequin: This strain is described as an earthy hybrid with calming properties. This strain is
sativa dominant and is ideal for relaxing effects that also target any pain in the body.

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● Plushberry: This strain is renowned for its fruity taste and calming effects. Plush berry is
indica dominant which makes it a good strain for both body and mind effects.

Also, note some strains provide body effects and other mental effects.

What to consider when smoking marijuana for the first time Legal Online Cannabis Dispensary
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Food and water

Cannabis is known to induce an appetite so you will want to have food with you during your session.
You might also experience cottonmouth which is very common so you should always keep water
nearby for hydration. The best food to consume while high is fresh fruits, especially mangos which
are rumored to increase the effects of the weed.

Clear your day

Lastly, don’t schedule any plans on the day you decide to consume cannabis. You will likely feel calm,
relaxed, and maybe even sleepy. You might unfortunately also experience a bad trip which needs to
be considered. A bad trip usually results in anxiety, paranoia, and withdrawn behavior. You will want
to be away from the public and with people you trust.