What Are Moon Rock Weed And How Are They Made?

Have you ever wondered what the cannabis industry would be in the next decade and could be the best strain? , Moon rock weed is the best answer for that introductory question. But as of now there are still alot to be known about moon rock weed and how to make it at home.

Moon rocks are one of the most costly nugs you’ll discover on the menu of your dispensary, and for a valid justification. It’s the most strong approach to smoke weed. In the event that you have a tolerable gracefully of bloom, kief and hash oil, it isn’t difficult to make a moon rock. At the point when a moon rock is done well, you ought to scarcely have the option to perceive what your nug initially resembled. You can’t treat them precisely like regular weed when its chance to smoke. So we’ll go over all that you have to think about creation and smoking moon rocks.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks weed are essentially the “champagne” of the pot world. A few people even call them cannabis caviar. Also, moon rocks are a type of cannabis that shouldn’t be thought little of. They were made for epicureans searching for an approach to lift their smoking experience. Except if you devour focused cannabis on the standard, smoking some moon rocks will undoubtedly be an excursion. You’ll need water, bites and great vibes around in case you’re attempting them just because. Moon rocks tend to give users to a decidedly “lunar” experience.

The History of Moon Rocks

They’re comprised of various pot items that are completely folded into one extremely intense nug and smoked. Kurupt who was signed to Death Row Records in the early 1990s with his partner Dr. Zodiak brought the strain to popularity.

Have you at any point been high to the point that you were unable to feel your eyebrows, in any event, when you genuinely contact them? If not, take a stab at smoking Moon Rocks and I ensure you’ll arrive. I as of late smoked them unexpectedly, and after two months, I’m as yet incapable to find my facial highlights. (Justified, despite all the trouble, incidentally.)

How Potent are Moon Rocks?

The potency and nature of your moonrock will rely upon the materials used to make them. Some obscure moon rocks weed dealers may shroud their most exceedingly terrible nugs and bad quality oil under kief. In case you’re not near any dependable producers of moon rocks, you’re in an ideal situation figuring out how to make your own.

To help put that into point of view, popular strains found in dispensaries ordinarily extend from 17 to 28 percent THC.


Have you ever noticed that besides smoking, making a moon rock is the best part.

What are the Requirements to Make Moon Rocks at Home ?

Should you decide to try your hand at making moon rocks at home, you’ll need the following items:

  • A fresh whole nug of flower
  • Concerntrate/Extract/Hash Oil
  • A big ol’ bowl of kief from the bottom of your grinder or store-bought
  • Tongs/tweezers to separate sticky ingredients
  • A liquid dropper (optional)

Once you have all the necessary tools and ingredients, follow this Step-by-Step Guide to Making Homemade Moon Rocks:

  1. Grab a nug or two of your favorite choice of bud/flower that isn’t dry and won’t easily fall apart. You may be able to roll your buds over the cannabis oil depending on the consistency. If it is a consistency that won’t easily stick to buds like shatter or crumble, you’ll have to apply heat to loosen things up..If your extract is liquid enough, you may be able to use a dropper to help place it on your nug.
  2. Run a lighter back and forth on the underside of the knife with the concentrates on top. Let each layer permeate through the nug before each application.Some users inject warm oil into the center of the buds. But moon rocks are usually coated with more than one layer of concentrate eventhough this step isn’t exactly a necessity.Over saturation of buds leads to longer drying time.
  3. Use your tongs to grab your oil-soaked bud and roll it in kief until the entire nug is covered in crystal goodness.
  4. If you can hardly see what your bud and oil look like anymore, you take your kief- and concentrate-covered nug and set it aside to dry in a cool place, away from direct light or sunlight.

Caviar vs Moon Rocks

The terms caviar and moon rocks are sometimes used interchangeably. However, one technical difference exists between the two. Moon rocks are always a cannabis flower that’s been soaked in concentrate and then coated in kief, while caviar may or may not include the kief. Essentially, all moon rocks could also be considered caviar, but caviar without kief is not considered a proper moon rock.


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