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Select Elite elevates your cannabis enjoyment to a higher level with luxuriant terpene infused-infused oil. This top shelf cartridge packs a powerful punch with …

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(Last Updated On: August 17, 2021)

Select Oil Elite Cartridge Review For Strength

This is certainly not one of my favorite distillate THC oil cartridges. The high is short-lived from Select Elite cartridges. The high fades away way too fast to be happy with this cart from Select oil. I was disappointed with this purchase because I tried a way better Maui Wowie from Cobra Extracts, another distillate oil cartridge brand that didn’t have this issue. The Cobra Extracts brand is truly a premium THC oil cartridge that isn’t too much more than Select oil cartridges.


Select Oil Cartridge Value

I thought that perhaps this might be a great affordable THC oil cartridge option. Unfortunately, the value isn’t there with these Elite cartridges from Select. After giving this cart a try multiple times, I won’t be buying another one again. I am a person who uses these cartridges daily, and this oil cartridge went by way too fast compared to other half gram carts. I can’t recommend this vape cartridge to those who want a cheap option without sacrificing quality. There are black market cartridges that has much better flavor than Select oil such as Dank Vapes. Its quite amazing how much better options are available on the black market that is better than the legal oil cartridge like Select oil.


Select Vape Cartridge Review For Flavor

There is little to no flavor, and leaves you wanting more. Select Elite cartridges are a big let down when it comes to its many strains flavors. A perfect example is comparing this Maui Wowie strain to Cobra Extracts premium distillate cart. The same strain from Cobra Extracts taste significantly more intense. Wondering which are some alternative options to Select vape cartridges worth buying? Check out our list of best THC cartridges in 2021. There are many alternative prefilled 510 vape cartridges that cost the same and provides more value.

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