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(Last Updated On: May 27, 2022)

Gelato Strain : About

Gelato is a hybrid crossed from taste-built guardians Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and fruity indica Sunset Sherbert. With a fair, smooth high and an all around engaging flavor profile, this is an extraordinary strain for social use. San Francisco makers Cookie Fam Genetics have delivered different numbered phenotypes of Gelato – phenotype #33 has gotten the epithet “Larry Bird” regarding the unbelievable player’s jersey number. Other examples of NBA players include Tiger WoodsMike Tyson and Michael Phelps.This strain has an indica-inclining high and conveys a THC structure that ranges from 20% to 25%.The cultivators parted ways following its creation, and the cultivator who possesses the most “stable version” of Gelato genetics is up for debate. Cookies cultivates a few phenotypes and descendants of the strain named Gelato #42, Dolce Gelato, and a sun-grown Gelato. Sherbinskis grows four stabilized Gelato phenotypes in its rotation as well: Gelato #41 (Bacio Gelato), Gelato #43 (Gello Gelato), Gelato #47 (Mochi Gelato), and Gelato #49 (Acai Berry Gelato). Per Sherbinskis, the #33 phenotype is no longer in cultivation.


Physical Characteristics

Gelato buds have large and lumpy super dense grape-shaped dark forest green nugs with rich purple and orange hairs and a super sticky coating of visible resin droplets. Gelato’s buds tend to be small but they have the thick and dense structure characteristic of many indica varieties. This is a strain with immediate visual appeal: bright orange pistils stand out against forest green leaves that are accented by shades of deep purple. The purple hues come about when high concentrations of pigments called anthocyanins are stimulated by cold weather in the vegetative stage. Although the buds themselves are sticky, short stalks on the trichomes mean that this strain has a less frosty appearance than many others. Cured properly, flowers of Gelato have a predominant smell of pungent citrus, compliments of fruity parent strain Sunset Sherbert. Notes of yeast and dough can be detected as well. Grinding up or breaking apart the flowers gives off a more herbal, earthy profile. Though it’s thick and lung-expanding, the smoke from Gelato is smooth and leaves behind a soft and creamy sensation — perhaps going some way towards explaining its name. This is one pungent smoke, and those trying to keep their consumption discreet should take any necessary precautions.The best place to buy gelato weed strain online – LOCD.


Effects of Gelato Strain

Gelato is known to hit users quickly, sometimes taking effect before they’ve had a chance to even exhale. The most striking effect is a sense of altered perception and confusion, forcing smokers to adapt to their newly intensified surroundings. This head rush is met by a palpable body buzz that discourages much activity but still leaves users mobile and not couchlocked. Some describe Gelato strain as having amplified psychedelic effects like time dilation and sound sensitivity. The floaty and comfortable but still lucid feeling conferred by this strain makes it great for daytime or early evening use.

Gelato Strain Medicinal Application

Medically, Gelato has value as a way to treat chronic aches and pains with its powerful numbing effects. Gelato Strain has medicinal benefits and is great for treating aches and chronic pain. Many people use it for treating headaches and migraines. The free-spirited increase of emotions in this strain can also briefly ease troubling symptoms of depression, and anxiety.


  1. Girl Scout Cookies
  2. Sunset Sherbert


Creative, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing

May Relieve 

Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Inflammation, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Muscle Spasms, PTSD


Berry, Citrus, Lavender, Sweet, Woody


Blueberry, Earthy, Orange, Sweet


Flowering Time

Seeds of Gelato are not commercially available, meaning that prospective growers may need to obtain plant trimmings in order to cultivate clones. If samples of Gelato are obtained, the strain can be particularly difficult to grow and is not necessarily recommended for novices. It can be grown in or outdoors. Outdoor cultivation requires consistently warm and humid conditions around 75 degrees Fahrenheit; indoor grow operations are more easily controlled and can accommodate the medium-height plants. In order to bring out this strain’s full purple potential, growers should expose plants to colder temperatures just before the flowering period to stimulate the aforementioned anthocyanin pigments.

Gelato flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors and is ready for harvest in mid October when grown outdoors. Despite limited information on cultivation of this strain, we know that its Thin Mint and Sunset Sherbert parents have higher than average yields. Finally, this strain’s pungency makes itself known during the growing process — indoor growers should put odor control measures like carbon air filters or exhaust fans in place.

Because its seeds aren’t commercially available, potential growers must find certified Gelato clones from Cookies to propagate it. Sherbinksis does not sell clones or seeds of its Gelato phenotypes at this time.


Growing Gelato Strain Tips

It does not only smell or tastes good, gelato also is beautiful to look at. Bright orange hairs with sparkling white resin coats the dark purple hues of its small buds. But there is one thing that may make it hard for you to plant this strain. It seems that seeds are not commonly sold. If you do have access to plants, trimming and cultivating clones works.

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13 reviews for GELATO STRAIN

  1. James K

    Its okay but not the best I’ve ever had. it doesnt help with my chronic pain as much as I’d like but it still works decent.

  2. Wells

    Literally the best strain ever. Me and my fiancé were so surprised with how strong it is. We felt like we were on clouds when laying down. Yet we were able to focus very well 10/10

  3. Charles M

    Somehow, it felt more like an Indica the second time around with the body high. First time caused paranoia (mostly my own doing, took too much for my tolerance level). Physically relaxed, with some type of head shift – almost felt like sinus pressure. Also felt a little paranoia second time

  4. Williamshillary

    If you find it grown correctly, just get it. Great all day buzz. Tastes wonderful. One of my go to’s

  5. Mark N

    As an extremely regular cannabis user who has built up a very high tolerance, this strain gives me a very noticeable high, due to its effects. it creeps in slowly, but the first thing i notice is euphoria; like somebody is running their hands through my hair. i’m still able to function too

  6. Lewis

    Gelato is amazing. A good solid floating peaceful feel. It’s a heavy hitter and I was lifted after just one bowl… It allowed me to relax.. Still hold conversations and made everything feel so great. I took a shower about 20 min after I finish blowing and OMG the shower was amazing.. Then my husband and I had the most amazing lol time together. This is definitely a favorite. It will make you sleepy if you give into it but you can fight through and enjoy the evening. Either way this is a must try.

  7. `Storey

    Definitely one of my recent favorites. Allows me to Oooberly lax in pad streamIn, get what I need to done, so I can get ready to really Netflix and chill out. Ask me to do something last moment too I’ll be game for it.

  8. Leland E

    Instant favorite. You can’t help but be a bigger fan of Wiz after smoking this smooth tasty bud. Equal full body/head high that induces a happy uplifting need to get some munchies.

  9. Christopher

    🤤 I took A Mean heavy Pull on My blunt and Man,this gelato strain is amazing, Had Me Paranoid for about 12 minutes and then it covers such A relaxing feeling, Dizzy Had My Body shaking, My eyes Blood Shot Red 🤣😂 Good Stuff!

  10. Edward

    One of the few of my favourite strains. Strong smell and taste. We used to call herb that smelled like this strain “Kryptonite” back in ~2002. Im not saying this stain is similar to the kryptonite stain. My point is that this strain is highend stuff. It hits very fast. Wide range of effects, especially depending upon the amount consumed. It’s good in the day at lower dosages. At night puff away unless you have stuff to do. It’s good vaped and smoked but I prefer using a pipe with a very low controlled flame as small hits yield decent effects and I like to savor it. This is not the case for me with most strains. Overall, in my opinion, it’s a well rounded strain.

  11. Barnard

    This is my go-to strain in college. Helped me increase my focus in classes, and helped me relax at night. Gets me tripping so hard I felt like I was on mars. Everyone should Pull-up to KK once atleast. Definitely worth a try.

  12. Martinez

    I love this strain In a fat Bong rip! much recommended.

  13. Casey S

    I love it but no where to be found in northern California

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