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Punch bar edibles

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  • 225 Mg Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
  • 225 mg Milk Chocolate
  • 10 PACK
  • 20 PACK
  • 30 PACK
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(Last Updated On: November 28, 2019)

Punch bar edibles 225mg Review

When I first saw this miniature box of chocolate claiming to contain 225 mg THC, I was skeptical, but Punch lives up to its name. Divided incrementally into nine tiny pieces of 25 mg each. It’s easy to break off a dose that makes sense for you. With a nice creamy texture, the chocolate does taste strongly of cannabis, but the amount you need to eat is so small that it hardly matters, anyway. Dosing seemed consistent throughout the bar as well, as from bar to bar. The milk chocolate and peanut butter variety had some nice sweet and salty flavors happening. Punch Edibles was born on the idea of providing high potent edibles in a small package. The three most common complaints with edible products are: taste, size and potency. As other leading competitors flourish in the market without completing the circle, we feel our products are superior across the board. Moreover, We use highest-grade concentrates (absolute shatter) to make our edibles. All of our concentrates are lab tested for potency and purity. Come take the “Punch Challenge” and see what you’ve been missing.

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225 Mg Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, 225 mg Milk Chocolate


10 PACK, 20 PACK, 30 PACK


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