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The Wookies strain is a strain that is just as fuzzy and hairy-looking as the Star Wars character for which it was named. It offers an intense and sedating cerebral high and is a predominantly indica strain.
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(Last Updated On: May 17, 2020)

Looking for the large, hairy creature found in far off lands made in cinema movie magic? We’re sorry to report you’re in the wrong place. However, if you’re looking for a dankenstein, indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s sure to leave you feeling relaxed, read on!
Wookies tastes great and is highly potent. Just don’t confuse it with Wookie, an entirely different strain. Wookies has a great genetic profile, inherited from its parents, Girl Scout Cookies, Chemdawg 91 and The White. This strain should almost certainly be considered a dankenstein strain, as its parents are all dank strains. These 3 strains come together to create one monster, which would make the hairy alien in Star Wars proud. Wookies comes from the Cookies genetic line, which, if you’re already familiar with Cookies, you know it means Wookies will taste amazing. To fully appreciate the taste of this strain you should grind it up and vape it inside a flower vaporiser.

This strain is sometimes called Purple Wookie, Purple Wookie Strain, Chewbacca strain, Chewbacca Cookies, Cocoon Cookie, Wookie Kush, Dirty Wookie, Cookie Wookie, and tk91 strain.


This strain is best enjoyed when you grind it up nice and fine, and we also recommend investing in a vaporizer that works with cannabis flower. When you smoke Wookies, you won’t get to appreciate the subtle flavors as much as when you vaporize it. In any case, you should enjoy the strong sweet taste that also comes with hints of sage and mint.


If you get your hands on Wookie weed, you should notice the light green color of these sticky and resinous buds. Also, the buds are much heavier than they look, which means a few grams will last you longer than you think. This is good news because a gram of Wookies can cost up to $20.



Wookies has a pretty high THC percentage relative to average strains. The average indica-dominant hybrid sits at around 13% THC, whereas the average THC percentage of Wookies is about 18%. The most potent phenotypes of Wookies have around 25% THC, making it a very strong strain. You may find that you’re feeling a little couch locked after smoking this strain.



You can make any strain you like into Butane Hash oil, also known as oil, wax, or shatter. Concentrate creators normally look for taste and trichome production (and therefore potency) when they are deciding which strains to use. As such, Wookies makes a fantastic choice. However, making Butane Hash Oil is considered very dangerous, and some people have burnt their houses down in the attempt. As such, we recommend that instead of making your own, you travel somewhere like Canada, where you can buy shatter. You can’t buy concentrates in Amsterdam at the moment, because they are not included in the loophole that allows coffee shops to sell weed.



As an indica-dominant hybrid, Wookies has both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are that it may make you feel sleepy, and could induce couch lock. However, the advantages are that it will help you with sleep, and will help you feel incredibly relaxed. This strain should be enjoyed after a long day at work, a few hours before bedtime, where it will almost certainly lull you to sleep. The best thing about indica-dominant strains is their relaxing sedative effects.

If you end up in an unwanted state of couch lock, then follow this guide to help get back up:


  • Have a cold shower
  • Have a pot of hot coffee, or an espresso
  • Go for a swim or a run

After this, you should feel much better.


What Can I Expect When I Use Wookies Weed?

First and foremost, we don’t recommend using Wookies if you have any plans for the day. Once you have a few bong hits, you can expect the sedative effects to glue you to the couch. Moreover, there is a chance that your mind becomes cloudy faster than you anticipate.

Users report experiencing an uplift in mood that makes them feel at peace with themselves and the world. The initial high comes with a sense of euphoria, and as your mind feels relaxed, your body follows suit. Eventually, you will experience hunger pangs that cause you to eat whatever you lay your eyes on.



This rare dankenstein strain is a cross between three dank strains: Girl Scout Cookies, The White and Chemdawg 91. Each one of these parents gifts something to Wookies, making this indica-dominant hybrid a perfect strain for treating stress or insomnia. If you’re smoking this for insomnia, please wait a few hours after smoking, otherwise, the cerebral effects may keep you awake.


  • 65/35 indica-dominant hybrid
  • Very potent with a fantastic taste
  • A tasty strain which should be enjoyed inside a flower vape
  • Cross between Girl Scout Cookies, The White, and Chemdawg 91
  • Clone-only, so, unfortunately, the seeds are hard to find

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